Caturday – Special

This morning I had an idea. Following the last Caurday – Special that featured ‘cat stamps’ are their coins with cats? I already knew one country, Isle of Man, that had cat coins, but are there others?

The Manx (Tailless) cat


Isle of Man 2010 Abyssinian Cat Coin


Kazakhstan 100 Tenge shows the Felis caracal


Canada 25 cents shows the Lynx


Canada – $300 Platinum Cougar


Democratic Republic of the Congo – 30 Francs


South Africa – 20 rand


Obverse – South Africa – 20 rand


Sierra Leone – $10 set of endangered cats


There are others, many others, but images are too small. I have resisted adding cats (usually lions) used in heraldry. But there is one final one…

Cook Islands – A Garfield Half Dollar


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